We provide documents translations by NAATI-certified translators

Translate Documents Russian to English | English to Russian

RTS Australia can assist with accurate translations of your English documents into Russian and your Russian documents into English.

Our services are entirely electronic, making the process simple and convenient for you. Just send us a copy of your documents via email or a secure file sharing service.

We are well-versed in the formalities required by various Australian Government Departments & authorities, ensuring that translations are legally recognised.

We are registered with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – DFAT.

DFAT has recently revised its translator guidelines, now incorporating NAATI’s digital stamps and eliminating the need for a confirmation statement ensuring the accuracy of the translated document compared to the original.

For detailed information, refer to the updated guidelines here –

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NAATI Certified Russian Translator Services

RTS Australia can assist with accurate translations of your English documents into Russian and your Russian documents into English.

All services are provided electronically. Simply forward a copy of your documents via email or a file sharing service.

Fast Turnaround

Basic identification document translations can be turned around in as little as 24 hours.

Native Speaker

RTS Australia Director Oksana Katorjevskaya was born in Russia and has lived in Australia for over 20 years.

Accredited Professional

Our team consists of Russian language professionals who are both NAATI certified and university qualified.

Competitive Rates

Hiring an independent operator keeps your Russian to English translation fees competitive.

Flat Fee For One Page Personal Documents

A flat fee of $90 applies to personal documents such as Passports, Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificates.

Quality Outcomes

Our team is committed to delivering accurate and reliable translation services tailored to your specific needs whether you are seeking higher education opportunities, applying for a job, or dealing with legal matters.

Document Types

Translations by NAATI-certified Russian translators:

Personal documents: Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificates, Driver’s Licences, Medical Reports or Referrals, Police Clearance Certificate,

Immigration documents and passports

Qualification certificates  – Education Certificates and Academic Transcripts, Employment Verification Letters and References,

Marketing materials

Technical Documentation

Migration and legal documents – Visa Documents, Wills, Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Tax Certificates, …

Forms and application documents

Planning A Trip To Russia?

Do you need your Medications Lists translated?

Taking your medicine or prescription with you when you travel is a good idea to prevent an emergency. RTS Australia offers translation services for prescriptions and letters from your GP, ensuring safer travel.

Russia has strict rules governing the importation of medicines, and what can be carried into the country for personal use. Some medicines that are available over-the-counter in Australia may be restricted in Russia. 

To stay on the safe side, it’s advisable to obtain a translation of a letter from your GP that includes:

  • A description of the medication, including its chemical composition
  • The prescribed dosage
  • An explanation of the underlying medical condition
  • Confirmation that the medication is for personal use only
  • The letter must be signed by your treating doctor

For more information, visit Smart Traveller

Please note that possessing, selling, consuming or carrying illegal drugs, including small amounts of ‘soft’ drugs, such as cannabis, is illegal in Russia. 

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Russian Consulate Documents

Accredited Russian Translations Services

Russian Translation Services Australia is here to provide assistance with applications and translations of your English documents into Russian as required by the General Consulate of Russia – MID.

If you’re planning to take your documents to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for an Apostille stamp, which validates the signature and/or seal of the signing officer, agency, or notary public lawyer on the original document, please ensure you complete this process before submitting your document for translation.

This is important because an Apostille will also be translated along with the document.  Please be aware that the NAATI stamp is NOT necessary for the Russian Consulate Templated Translations.

Let us help you navigate the intricacies of document translation and ensure a smooth and successful process for your official submissions. Contact us today for all your translation needs!

The types of documents DFAT accepts for Apostille stamping include:

Australian Birth Certificates

Australian Marriage Certificates

Australian Death Certificates

Divorce Certificates

Police Criminal Record Checks

Documents issued by authorised Australian Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Medical documents

Documents prepared by an Australian notary public in a foreign language

Private documents (e.g. Power of Attorney, Will, bank statements, company documents)

Educational documents

Your NAATI Certified Russian Translator Services

NAATI Certified

Do you need a document translated from Russian into English or from English into Russian?

Get in touch with an experienced translator for fast turnaround on your personal documents, driver’s licence, medication lists, official/business documents and more.

Offered online, our services are reliable and affordable.

Your personal Russian Translator

One page personal documents incur a flat translation fee of $90, while longer documents are priced according to length, complexity and formatting.

For a free, no-obligation quote from a NAATI-certified Russian translator, simply send us an email or upload your documents through our contact form. We will review your files and let you know the price within 24 hours.