Hire A Russian Interpreter Certified by NAATI

Are you in need of a highly skilled and NAATI certified Russian interpreter to facilitate effective communication in various settings? Look no further! Our team of professional interpreters, certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, is here to assist you with a wide range of language services.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, and Meetings:

Our Russian interpreters are well-versed in the nuances of conference interpreting, ensuring seamless communication between participants from different linguistic backgrounds.

Business or Private Negotiations:

When it comes to critical business deals or private negotiations, our interpreters provide accurate and confidential interpretation to help you achieve your objectives.

Court or Legal Aid Sessions:

Our certified interpreters have extensive experience in legal settings, guaranteeing precise and reliable interpretation during court proceedings or legal aid sessions.

Doctors’ Appointments or Hospitals’ Visits:

In medical settings, clear communication is crucial. Our Russian interpreters help bridge the language barrier between healthcare professionals and patients, ensuring the highest level of care.

Training or Education Settings:

Our interpreters can facilitate effective communication in educational settings, making sure students and instructors can interact seamlessly.

Online Settings:

With the rise of virtual events, our interpreters are well-equipped to provide remote interpretation services through platforms like Zoom, Teams, Google Meets…

Consecutive or Simultaneous Mode:

Depending on your specific requirements, our Russian interpreters are proficient in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation modes. Consecutive interpretation involves the interpreter speaking after the speaker has finished a sentence or segment, while simultaneous interpretation happens in real-time, with the interpreter conveying the message as the speaker talks.

NAATI-certified Russian Conference Interpreter Services

Request an experienced, reliable and professional interpreter to attend your event in person or online.

Your professional interpreter is highly qualified, engages in ongoing specialist training and has a vast and specialised vocabulary.

Conference Interpreting

Your NAATI certified Russian CONFERENCE interpreter 

We deliver consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for all types of meetings and events.

Telephone Interpreting

Carried out using a three-way conference telephone call, the interpreter ‘respeaks’ what has been said during a conversation as part of this time-flexible service.

Court Case Interpreting

Russian language interpreters are often requested to be present for criminal proceedings, family law, AVO applications and Industrial Relations Commission cases.

Business Negotiation Interpreting

Ensure your negotiations have a positive outcome for all parties and that everyone involved completely understands what has been agreed to with the help of a Russian interpreter.

Hospital Interpreter

Having a Russian interpreter in attendance can take the stress out of hospital or doctors visits. In some cases, this service can make a positive difference to health outcomes.

Training Interpreter

Connect with your global team and ensure everybody is on the same page with the help of an accredited Russian to English / English to Russian interpreter based in Australia.

How It Works

Accredited Russian Interpreter Services

Get in touch with your Russian Interpreter to discuss your requirements and book her services for all types of interpretation, be it simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, executive or small tour guide system. 

We can work on location as well as provide services remotely, through video or webcasting.

Interpreting is provided either in real time or by taking notes and relaying conversations in a consecutive mode.

Interpreting Pre-Assignment Guidelines:

Before the Assignment

1. Provide Comprehensive Information: One of the critical steps in ensuring a successful interpreting assignment is to provide the interpreter with comprehensive information about the job. This includes details about the event, meeting, or situation where interpretation services are required. Offering background information about the subject matter, the context of the communication, and the individuals involved will help the interpreter prepare adequately and provide more accurate and effective interpretations.

2. Communication Requirements: Clearly communicate the expectations and requirements for the interpreting assignment. Discuss the mode of interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous, or whispering), and any specific technical requirements (such as the need for interpreting equipment). Additionally, share any relevant materials or documents in advance, if possible, to help the interpreter familiarise themselves with the subject matter.

3. Terms and Conditions: Request the interpreter to confirm the details on the terms and conditions of the assignment. This may include:

  • Pay Rate: Clearly outline the agreed-upon pay rate and discuss any additional compensation for overtime or unexpected extended hours.
  • Duration: Specify the expected duration of the assignment, including the start and end times, and any potential breaks.
  • Meals and Rest Breaks: Discuss meal arrangements and breaks during the assignment to ensure the interpreter’s well-being and to maintain their energy and focus throughout the event.
  • Cancellation Policy: Establish a clear policy for assignment cancellations and any compensation for the interpreter if the event gets canceled or rescheduled at short notice.
  • Other Relevant Particulars: Consider any other important details that might impact the interpreter’s performance or well-being, such as dress code, specific protocols, or potential challenges they may face during the assignment.

4. Pre-Assignment Meeting: Whenever possible, arrange a pre-assignment meeting or call with the interpreter. This meeting will serve as an opportunity to address any questions or concerns the interpreter may have and to clarify expectations further. It also allows the interpreter to gain a better understanding of the client’s needs and preferences.

By following these pre-assignment guidelines, you can foster clear communication, build a positive working relationship with the interpreter, and set the stage for a successful and smooth interpreting experience.

What It Costs

Interpreting services from Russian to English/English to Russian are essential for effective communication across language barriers and are provided by our skilled professionals.

The cost of these services is typically determined on an hourly basis and can vary based on several factors.

Factors Affecting Interpreting Costs

Location of the Assignment: The geographical location of the interpreting assignment can impact the overall cost.

Type of Interpreting: consecutive and simultaneous.

  • Consecutive Interpreting: In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to the speaker and then conveys the message in the target language during natural pauses. As it requires more time, it may be priced differently from simultaneous interpreting.
  • Simultaneous Interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting involves delivering the interpretation in real-time while the speaker is talking. This method often requires specialized equipment and a team of interpreters working in booths, which can make it more costly.

Amount of Preparation Required: The complexity of the subject matter and the level of technicality involved may necessitate additional preparation for the interpreter. If extensive research and background understanding are required, it could impact the overall cost.

Subject Matter: The content being interpreted can also influence the pricing. Specialised fields such as legal, medical, or technical require interpreters with specific expertise, which may affect the overall cost.

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